1960 Ferguson-Climax P99 4WD Grand Prix - the only 4WD GP car to ever win an F1 race - ex-Moss, Hill, Bonnier, Ireland, Fairman

Race winner with Moss and Hill - totally original and race ready

1960 Ferguson-Climax P99 4WD Grand Prix - the only 4WD GP car to ever win an F1 race - ex-Moss, Hill, Bonnier, Ireland, Fairman

- Built for the 2.5 litre Formula during 1960 and subsequently run with both 1.5 litre and 2.5 litre 4-cylinder Climax engine

- Ex-Stirling Moss, Graham Hill, Innes Ireland, Jo Bonnier, Jack Fairman, Peter Westbury

- The first and only four-wheel-drive Grand Prix car to win an International Formula 1 race – Stirling Moss, Oulton Park Gold Cup

- Overall race-winner in the hands of Graham Hill in Tasman

- Raced in the British Grand Prix by Jack Fairman and Stirling Moss

- Swiss Hill climb winner and hill record holder with Jo Bonnier

- British Hill Climb Championship overall winner with Peter Westbury

- Indianapolis 500 testing history with STP/Granatelli – the car that led to the 4WD Indy 500 movement

- Run in period under the Rob Walker Racing Team

- 50/50 weight and torque distribution

- Revolutionary pioneering of ABS brakes

- Only ever owned by the two families who designed and funded the car – Ferguson and Rolt

- Stunningly original, down to almost every part – chassis, engine, body, interior, transmission, suspension, seat, steering wheel etc

- Potential winner at Goodwood Revival and Monaco Historique

- Ready to race or demonstrate


The P99 is complete with what must be the finest history files we have ever seen – including all original documents/data/letters relating to its period history from 1961-1965.


In the words of Stirling Moss:


“It was incredible in the wet. I could overtake on the outside of corners. I remember passing Phil Hill at Aintree and having time to thank him, it was so relaxed. And it has phenomenally good braking”


“I’ll tell you what, if I were a rich collector I’d buy it to take along to races with my Cooper or whatever and just have it ready in the paddock in case it was a wet race.”


“the P99 is very neutral. You just aim where you want to go.”


Moss told Motor Sport magazine in 1997 that the P99 was his “favourite F1 car”. He also referred to it as “the finest front-engined Formula 1 car of that time.” Some claim from a man who won F1 races in such great front-engined cars as the Maserati 250F and Mercedes W196!


A truly significant piece of racing and technological history, raced and taken to victory by some of the legends of the sport.