1963 Lotus-BRM 24 'P1'

Ex-Peter Revson, Chris Amon, Masten Gregory, Reg Parnell Racing - Confirmed entry at Monaco Historic 2018

1963 Lotus-BRM 24 'P1'

The Lotus 24 was a works Grand Prix car designed by Colin Chapman's Lotus team for the 1962 Formula One season. Benefiting from the technological genius of Colin Chapman's revolutionary stressed-monocoque Lotus 25, the Lotus 24 uses a more conventional space frame design and soon became the ultimate 'customer' car from the Lotus factory - selling in small numbers to privateer Grand Prix Teams in 1962 and '63, but not before factory drivers Trevor Taylor and Jim Clark proved its worth.

The 24 was a completely different design from its predecessor, the 21, and used much of the same suspension and technical concept as the 25. With both Coventry Climax FWMV and BRM P56 (both 1500cc V8) engines being the powerplants of choice, the 24 would soon prove a competitive package.

Making its debut at the 1962 Brussels Grand Prix, Jim Clark put it in pole position for the first heat, sadly retiring after only one lap. Two weeks later Clark won the Lombank Trophy race at Snetterton. Its first World Championship event was the 1962 Dutch Grand Prix, where it finished second with Trevor Taylor. However, the Lotus 25 had now arrived on the scene and was obviously more advanced, much to the dismay of those who had paid good money for their 'brand new' 24. Colin Chapman had promised his customers that the team cars would be "mechanically identical" to the customer cars, leaving himself free to alter what he classified as the cars' "bodywork" - the Lotus 25 was a monocoque so the body was the chassis!

The 24 continued to be run by private teams in 1962, 1963 and 1964, including the car we have for sale - Lotus 24 chassis 'P1'. Built up for the Reg Parnell Racing Team for the 1963 season, it was driven by some of the greats of the sport during 1963/'64. Adding to the intrigue of the car is that it is the only Lotus 24 to be fitted with Lola Mk4 bodywork - creating a beautiful Lotus / Lola hybrid - the period-correct spec it remains in today.

During the 1963 season, the car was driven by two future Le Mans winners, a double Indy 500 winner, the co-founder of Chaparral cars, and a Grand Prix winner who was also the first ever American to win the Can-Am Championship. Those drivers were Masten Gregory (1965 Le Mans winner with Ferrari), Chris Amon (1966 Le Mans winner with Ford), Rodger Ward (double Indy winner 1959/'62), James 'Hap' Sharp (co-founder of Chaparral Cars) and Peter Revson (Can-Am Champion 1971 and double GP winner). Each driver has a wonderful story and each started Grand Prix in Lotus 24 'P1', making this undoubtedly one of the richest history Grand Prix cars of any era. Entering the French, British, Italian, Mexican, USA Grand Prix in 1963 with a best result of 7th for Sharpe in Mexico, P1 would also take on the Monaco, Belgian, British, German, Italian Grand Prix weekends with Revson in 1964 - the uber-cool billionaire Revlon heir running the car with his family Revson Racing Team. Revson would use P1 as a springboard to greatness, as of course did all of its other legendary International drivers.

Today, P1 is presented in wonderful race-ready condition, having been prepared no-expense-spared by its current owner with the world famous Hall & Hall. It is a regular at Goodwood and Monaco, and comes with a confirmed entry into the 2018 Monaco Historic. With its powerful BRM engine and with both Hewland and Colotti gearboxes in the spares list, this is the ultimate package. It is also a very likely and competitive entry into the Glover Trophy each year at Revival, where jewel-like 1500cc V8 Grand Prix cars are like gold dust to the selectors.