1964 Chevrolet Corvette StingRay

ex-V.V. COOKE Racing Team, Championship-winning period history - competitive entry into the RAC TT at Goodwood Revival

1964 Chevrolet Corvette StingRay

Corvette race cars over the years have created much of the mystical attraction to America's most successful and iconic sportscar. From 1958 to the current day, Corvettes have been winning races from local club racing to the Le Mans 24hr. The racing team with the longest winning streak in Corvette racing history is a huge part of this rich racing heritage. The V.V. Cooke Chevrolet SCCA Racing Team actually got its start with the meeting of V.V Cooke Jr. and the Barker brothers, Allan and Donald, in 1958. At the time, V.V. Jr. was competing in his personal '58 ‘vette, while the Barkers were racing their Austin Healeys.

The V.V. Cooke Chevrolet SCCA racing team officially commenced in 1964 with the purchase and preparation of this '64 Corvette roadster which they would end up racing for an incredible 7 seasons from 1964-’70. With success from 1964, their pale metallic blue (and later darker metallic blue) ‘vette would go onto dominated the B-production class in 1966, ’69 and ’70 with subsequent Corvette ‘Hall of Fame’ driver Allan Barker.

The next move for the V.V. Cooke Racing Team was the purchase of a '69 Corvette roadster for the '71 SCCA season, again for the B-production class. This '69 Corvette L88 roadster would go onto win SCCA championships from 1971-1974, making it the most successful period racing Corvette of them all. This car now sits in one of the most significant Corvette collections on earth – still in the USA.

Remaining in the USA until the late 1980s, the famous V.V. Cooke C2 Corvette was then imported into Europe, where it has remained ever since. A veteran of the European historic race scene with many race wins, even championships, this Corvette now offers a perfect route into the great races of the European historic racing scene.

As a car with strong and very successful period racing history, it’s a fantastic and competitive route into Goodwood Revival’s glorious Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy, and a potential class winner in the Spa Six Hours. Also eligible for Peter Auto’s very popular Sixties’ Endurance Series, Masters Gentleman Drivers and Flavien and Vanessa's GT & Sports Car Cup. A very versatile, competitive machine at a fraction of the cost of a period racing E-type, Cobra, Bizzarrini or the like.