1979 Porsche 924 Turbo Rally Car "works" - Multiple entrant at the Monte Carlo Historique

Multiple entrant at the Monte Carlo Historique and many other events across Europe. Current FIVA and HTP papers

1979 Porsche 924 Turbo Rally Car "works" - Multiple entrant at the Monte Carlo Historique



Porsche originally introduced the 924 to its model line-up in dealer showrooms in 1976, Being the first ever front-engine rear-wheel-drive car offered by the manufacturer. With a transaxle gearbox at the rear, 48/52 weight distribution was achieved, giving unprecedented balance and handling, easily outperforming its rivals in the market. The early 924’s were initially criticized for their lack of power, so Porsche re-energized the model in 1978 by installing a KKK Turbocharger giving 170BHP, giving the car that much needed and significant power boost. This was the birth of the 924 Turbo.

The rally car on offer here gives a unique opportunity to own a perfect recreation of the original 'works' Porsche 924 Turbos rally cars - the original now residing in the Porsche Museum. It was built as a truly no-expense-spared exercise and has subsequently been entered into multiple Monte Carlo Historique rallies with ex-works Porsche legend Jürgen Barth.

A fantastic and very rare car for today's strong historic rally world.


Date of original registration 01/09/1979

• MSA and FIVA Paper

• Build specification in line with Porsche original build

• Bilstein Shock Absorbers Front & Rear

• Bilstein Road Springs Front & Rear

• Alloy sump shield

• Encased fuel tank in boot area – period copy

• Stainless steel exhaust •Internal fuel lines

• Brembo brake linings

• Uprated organic clutch

• Twin brake master cylinders •Hydraulic “umbrella” handbrake

• Monit G-200 Trip Meter with foot pedal remote

• Blunik hard wiring

• Co-driver footrest

• Signed plaque by Jürgen Barth and Roland Kussmaul

• Fibre glass Bonnet

• Fibre glass period copy wheel arch extensions

• Perspex rear side windows

• Perspex tailgate window

• Fuchs Alloys

• Tyres Front – Michelin TB 18/60-15

• Tyres Rear – Michelin TB 18/60-15

• Mud flaps to all four wheels

• Dog Box gearbox (Spare)