1985/1986 Beatrice Haas F1 Team

3 Car Package

1985/1986 Beatrice Haas F1 Team

CHASSIS NUMBER: THL1 (1985 ex-Jones), THL2 (1986 ex-Jones), THL2 (1986 ex-Tambay)

For those looking to own a 1980s Turbo Formula 1 Team, Duncan Hamilton & Co are proud to offer an incredible package that comes very close to just that. Comprising of three cars, and a spares package complete enough to run these cars for ever, anyone looking to invest in the final generation of ‘analogue’ Formula 1 cars should look no further.

The Beatrice Haas Formula 1 Team was created by legendary American team owner Carl Haas and was backed by Beatrice Foods and Ford Motor Company. During its formation, a stellar lineup of F1 greats were gathered, from former McLaren owners Teddy Mayer and Tyler Alexander, to designers Ross Brawn, Neil Oatley and John Baldwin. Former World Champion Alan Jones was even persuaded out of retirement to drive for the promising new team. The cars were built near London by the new company; ‘FORCE’ (Formula One Race Car Engineering ltd.).

Delays on the all-new Ford-Cosworth V6 meant that the team initially opted for the readily available Hart 4-cylinder Turbo. The 750bhp ‘four’ was mated to a carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb tub, with push rod suspension all round, and designated the model number THL1. While the chassis was deemed a good one, the Hart engine was underpowered, and Alan Jones was unable to release THL1’s potential during the 1985 maiden season.

With the promise of the powerful Ford V6 for 1986, spirits within the team remained high, and over the winter the chassis was modified to accept the new Ford. The new engine used the same V6 twin-turbo philosophy that the dominant TAG-Porsche, Honda and Ferrari teams had chosen. The new car would be named THL2.

For 1986, the team also chose to field a second car, for fast Frenchman Patrick Tambay, and improvements were soon clear. They were beginning to show signs of real pace, with strong points finishes only thwarted by niggling unreliability. At the Austrian Grand Prix, Jones and Tambay did however finished fourth and fifth respectively – a great result for a team in only its second year, and clearly a sign that better things were to come in 1987.

Sadly due to sponsorship deals not materialising for the 1987 season, Beatrice Haas was forced to close the doors at the end of 1987, Carl Haas returning to the United States and embarking on a hugely successful spell with his Newman-Haas Indy/CART team.

After their active Formula 1 careers all five of the cars produced by FORCE for the 1985 and ’86 seasons ended up in private collections. The trio we have here were amassed over a number of years by a respected historic racer and collector, with two being rebuilt by Geoff Page to full race-ready condition. While they have been tested and run at events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Members’ Meeting, the cars have never been raced post-period. While sourcing the trio, a mindboggling spares package was also been amassed, and truly needs to be seen to be believed. Full details of this package can be offered on request.

With prices of DFV-era F1 cars as strong as they are, Turbocharged F1 cars are surely the next in line. Slicks, wings, and huge turbo power are very much in fashion in sports cars, and we fully expect the market to wake up to the most outrageous, powerful era of Formula 1 that has ever been, and will likely ever be.

  • THL1 (1985 ex-Jones) – Chassis 002 with Hart 415T – Fully restored and ready for track use.
  • THL2 (1986 ex-Jones) – Chassis 001 with Ford Cosworth GBA V6 Turbo – Fully restored and ready for track use.
  • THL2 (1986 ex-Tambay) – Chassis 002 – Un-restored but excellent original condition. Requires Ford V6 engine to be built-up and installed.
  • Spares package includes enough engine parts to build up several Cosworth V6 and Hart 4-cyl engines, 30+ wheels, suspension, gearbox, bodywork, and much more.