1986 Ford RS200 EVO 2 - Unique Ex-Blomqvist / Palmer / King Hussein of Jordan, Works Rallycross

The most original works RS200 - 700+bhp works EVO2 engine - on the button and UK road registered

1986 Ford RS200 EVO 2 - Unique Ex-Blomqvist / Palmer / King Hussein of Jordan, Works Rallycross


Initially sold to King Hussein of Jordan for competitive use in his home country, chassis 20 was the fastest RS200 the factory had ever produced, with a staggering 700+bhp. In true Royal-style, King Hussein of Jordan he had it flown to Jordan in a Royal Jordanian Airforce C130 aircraft, with John Taylor of Ford Motorsport and Stig Blomqvist in the aircraft too!

Competing in hillclimbs in his factory EVO2 spec car, and with Blomqvist coaching him, the pair set a number of hillclimb records. After a season of competing in the monster, the car returned to Boreham – it was simply too easy to win in Jordan. Soon the factory prepared chassis 20 as a factory entry into the 1989 European Rallycross Championship - at the time one of the biggest attractions in the world, live on BBC Grandstand and seeing huge spectator numbers across Europe. Drivers that year would be world rally champion Stig Blomqvist and F1 and Group C star Jonathan Palmer. Blomqvist would achieve 7th in Sweden, 3rd in Finland, 3rd in Belgium (lap record), and 3rd in Holland. Palmer's first works European Championship outing at Lydden ended in rear suspension damage, and his second would be cancelled as the British Rally-X Grand Prix at Brands Hatch was fogged-off after qualifying heats.

Today the car remains totally untouched since that Brands Hatch round, apart from being mechanically restored. When the factory sold the car to George Stauffer in 1990, they chose to place un-raced bodywork on it, with the original race-used bodywork as spare. The EVO2 sat in Stauffer’s remarkable collection that also housed the 1st and 2nd place GT40s from Le Mans 1966. That original race-used bodywork is still with the car, as pictured. From front to back the car is exactly as the works finished with car, and it is full of unique features, which any RS200 aficionado will recognise. Apart from the unique 700+bhp 2.18 litre EVO2 engine, the majority of the interior is unique, especially the dash. The steering wheel is the original very rare 'Stig Blomqvist' item, the front differential is a special ribbed factory rallycross item, the dry sump tank is in the front right under the windscreen (unlike any other factory RS200), and even the original ECU and engine electronics are unlike any other RS200. The car even has the original fire extinguisher system from 1989 still plumbed in.

Chassis 20 has only had four owners from new - Ford/King Hussein of Jordan/George Stauffer/Current owner, and since 1989, the car has only covered a handful of miles. Despite that, the current owner has always ensured that the car is on-the-button and in exceptional mechanical condition. It is also UK road registered.

Chassis 20 RS200 EVO2 is truly the wildest RS200 the factory ever produced and is the most original factory RS200 in existence.

Footage from Stig Blomqvist driving chassis 20 at Mandes, Belgium, in the European Rallycross Championship 1989 - he was 3rd overall in the final.